Thursday, June 1, 2017

After a while

Ola. It has been a while since I last update my blog. 

In case you're wondering, 2017 has been nothing but super wonderful! In fact, I love it! It's just that I couldn't find time to blog  because life is kind of hectic (and becoming more interesting) lately, ever since I signed up for degree- lectures, tutorials, assignments, college projects etc. And writer's block get in the way so I might as well stop writing for a while. 

Anyways, I'm back! Hopefully I can track down the memory lane and write every interesting thing that happened throughout the year... of course, as soon as finals over! 

Haha yassss! I am on a study week right now, and it's the holy month of Ramadan. 
Happy fasting (and studying) everyone!!


Oh lord I miss blogging so much!

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

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