Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teacher's day.

Happy Teacher's day!

Dear Teachers, I love you and always will! In my prayes you will be cherished forever. 
Wish I could hug, even a little touch!

Mhm-hm. Teacher's day?
The worst, I suppose. For me, yes! 
Exactly the worst.

No, no, no this year Teacher's day is totally different compared to the years before. Before this, I was just a student who would be sitting at the tread association, doing nothing other than waiting for the gimics arranged by the seniors to happen. I am not anymore. I can say, I am no more an ordinary student now. I can tell you, my responsibility is bigger and heavier than before. 

This was the uniform I wore today!
I borrowed the white uniform from Nor Safi Hazirah.
And the pink cloth was sponsored by Nur Sherina Idayu.
... (Hi! Meet my seniors!) They are Form 5 students.

The rest are mine. 
"Tak malu punya budak." said Rabiatul Aqillah.

I started my day with a thought I would probably do nothing today. However, my prediction was wrong. I was asked by my seniors, Nur Sherina Idayu and Saidatul Syahirah to help them. I was asked to go here and there in order to fulfil humans' order. Seniors who involved in the program were very busy, I was in charge to handle the kids who would be doing the gimics. I was like a post woman. I think the students who saw me wandering at the assembly site were totally annoyed because I kept walking in front of them. 

"Your wish are my command."

I can say, I dealed with a lot of people today. As the consequence, I had to face some conflicts. Well, frankly speaking, I rarely communicate with people. Today was like the first time, I had to collaborate with different people who come from different Form. I needed to cooperate with seniors to ensure the program went as planned. I had to solve the problem face by the juniors about their cake. Nevertheless, I was too weak, I cried. I cried infront of my seniors, Nur Sherina Idayu, Saidatul Syahirah and Iwana Iyazi. I cried in front of my friends. I cried in front of my Counselor teacher, Teacher Zanariah. I cried in front of my juniors. I am too sensitive. I nearly give up doing my work. Everyone seemed to blame me for every conflict which had happened. They hate me, I suppose. I was useless. 

"When you are dealing with many people, you will be facing many conflicts. If you are weak, you are going to cry and give up. If you are strong, you are going to face the problem and solve it!" - Teacher Zanariah.

... And what did I do?
... I cried.
... I lost.

I told Teacher Zanariah, I even cried in front of her but she said to me, "It is forgiven if you cried but then you stand up and keep doing your work!" Teacher, you said like that because you want me to stop crying do you? Mhm-hm.

Let's forget about that, shall we? Okay. I was forced by my friends, Aisyah Nur Syasya and Qudri Aina to enter a "Selendang Competition". I refused to join at first but as they kept persuading, I felt guilty so I said yes but I would not want to be the one who-help-a-person-to-wear-the-shawl because I am seriously not good at it. They find me a partner and I would be the one who-wear-the-shawl.

Represent to you, my partner! :>

She is a Form 1 student. A fair girl, very pretty and indeed a very mature junior.

... There was a girl asked me if we are siblings. 
... We don't even look alike. 

Whoops whoops, I am pitied of this girl because she needed to collaborate with my annoying behavior. 
I am sorry! :'<

It is me after transformation made by my partner. :3

With one of the pretty contestants. 
... O'ow insecure O'ow I might not be the winner O'ow.

Okay. Okay. I told you, I agreed to join this competition right? Yes, yes I did but I never knew I was putting myself in danger. As soon as my partner transformed me from ugly to still a bad looking person, I was suprised when my friends told me I am going to be on the stage. Be like a model and do a catwalk. Well, to be frank, I was not that 'suprised', I actually did not pay any attention to whatever I was doing because I was so tired. Suddenly, someone asked me to be on the stage. I stood right next to Raz Amira. And when we were asked to walk on the red carpet, we decided to walk together.

My prediction was right. Unluckily, I was not one of the winners even though my friends were the judges. Mhm-hm. I had threaten them to make sure they would reserve me a place in the contest but they betrayed me. No, no, no I don't think so. I think it was because of my ugliness they did not choose me to be one of the five winners.

... (Psst! I think I looked good in the pictures captured by Nor Safi Hazirah and Nurhidayatul Hanani).

By the way, this is a picture of Khairina Nabila, Syazwani Afza and I. I was sweating like hell back then but they still wanted to hug me. You guys are my very very very very very best friend! :3 At the end of the day, I snapped pictures with my seniors, Nur Sherina Idayu, Saidatul Syahirah, Iwana Iyazi and Nor Safi Hazirah.

And not forgotten, I snapped a picture with Irfan. My senior. :3


Last but not least, my favorite picture of the day!

So long humans!

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gulp and Gasp

To be frank, I have never involved in any Drama competition before. Never, so yes, this was my first time participating in Drama competition. Actually, I was the one who wanted to be Rose at first. No one chose me to be the actress. I volunteered as I thought Rose was just a minor character. I thought so because  my friends, Nurul 'Aqilah and Nuraina Hani said Rose is a blind lady and sells flowers for a living . Shame on me for judging a character by its personality. However as I knew Rose was no ordinary character, I refused to be her but Nuraina Hani kept persuading me to play the role of the blind lady whom sells flowers for a living so that she can send her sick mother to the doctor and in love with a guy named Percy. At last, I decided to give it a try. Moreover, I would love to gain new experience and knowledge. 

Form 4 English Drama Competition 2013: Gulp and Gasp.

Our director, Syarifah Nur Husna.

Represent to you 4 Kreatif actors and actress, 

From left: Nabil Aiman and Ameer Izwan.

Nabil Aiman as Lord Septic.
Ameer Izwan as Crouch.

Nurzafira Sabrina as Rose. 
I borrowed the hat from Nurzeihan.
The white shawl was Nuraina Hani's.
Syarifah Nur Husna sponsored the pink dress.
Fatin Nureliyana let me borrowed her sandals. 
(... Hi! Meet my classmates!) They are amazing.

Muhd Ameerul whom is wearing the hat as Percy.

We went over to Syarifah Nur Husna's house to practice last Saturday and today, during English class which was on the last two periods, Teacher Zaimah asked us to present our Drama in front of her. Frankly speaking, I still did not memorize my script back then. Same goes to Nabil Aiman and Ameer Izwan. Their scripts were longer than mine and Percy's. However, Percy's was the shortest so Muhd Ameerul basically got nothing to afraid of since he only needed 10 minutes to memorize his dialogues. After that, I had to attend my Principle Accounting's class which started at 1.05 p.m. till 2.15 p.m. then I performed my Zuhur prayer and had my lunch at the school's canteen. 

The Drama competition started at 3.30 p.m. so I had to be very rushing in order to get myself ready and well-prepared for the competition. Luckily, Nuraina Hani and Nur Shahida Nadira helped me a lot during the preparation. Nuraina Hani did the make up while Nur Shahida Nadira helped me wear the shawl. Girls do really love compliments don't they? I am a girl so yes I do really love compliments! As soon as I was prepared for the competition - the shawl was secured nicely on my head, the dress looked perfectly perfect when I wore it and the make up made my face looked flawless - a lot of people said I looked beautiful.

(... Even Haziq Haiqal was pixilated by my beauty!)

Much obliged Nuraina Hani and Nur Shahida Nadira! :D

With Nuraina Hani, my Manager.
Thanks to her for forcing me to participate in this competition. ^^

With Nurul 'Aqilah.

With Syarifah Nur Husna.

My dearest classmates - 4 Kreatif 2013.
I love you guys so much. :'>

Unfortunately we lose in the competition but it was not a big deal as long as we enjoyed ourselves!

It was an awesome experience after all.

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.