Saturday, September 20, 2014

sepet in red

Please enjoy the last two days of school holidays, dear students.

Guess who came to school today?!



"People called us nerds, but today, we let loose."

I woke up with my eyes, sepet sebelah. You have no idea, how ugly I felt I was back then. I even think of not going to school to join my class video projects for graduation day but then again, the video would not complete without my face in it! Plus, I have paid MYR5 for the Helium balloon. HELIUM okay people. HELIUM! Who in the world would want to miss the opportunity to play with Helium?!
... And the balloons. 

At 8 o'clock in the morning, rain poured down heavily. We promised to gather at school at 9 o'clock in the morning but the rain didn't seem to stop so we postpone our meeting to 10.00 a.m..

Anyway, for your information, the theme we had chosen for our class video project was Red, Grey and White. You have exactly no idea how chaotic my night had been! I kept on trying every outfit I have in my cupboard. To be a girl is hard and very complicated, you know. No matter how many clothes I have in the cupboard, it would never be enough for me. I will still think I got nothing to wear. After I tried the outfits, I would capture a few photos and send them to Syazwani Afza for her opinions.

"Is it okay if I where this skirt?" 

.......................................  ......

"My hips look so huge!!"

 "Okay, this one?"

"This one makes me look so fat!"

Outfit of the day!
The red blouse was my Mama's but now it is mine, somehow.
Giant spectacles was bought at Hinode Shop.


Nur Najwa Atiqah and I volunteered to wait for the Helium balloons.

Finally, Helium balloons!!!!!!!!!!!

Aisyah Nabila and I had been doing so many retarded poses for the whole day!!

Crazy classmates!

With Fakhrina Fateen and Aisyah Nabila!

We had potluck too!

If you asked me, what did we really do today, all I can say is we captured as many as photos as we can so yes, hopefully all of the photos explain what we had been doing for the whole day at the school. Some of us had also been selected to be interviewed for the class video project. 

 Could not wait for graduation day which would be on the 11th of October 2014!!!

PS: I tried to do the minion voice using the Helium gas, but... oh well let's just give it a try another time... -_______-

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Day 4 of My School Trip to Singapore.

Last Day.

- Saturday, 16th of August 2014. -

Our last day at Singapore was yesterday. (Just assumed that I wrote this entry on August 16th '14, okay? Okay). 

So, we went to the well-known shopping place in Johor Bahru today!




It's Johor Premium Outlet guys!

Outfit of the day eh?

So today, for the first time in my life, I went shopping on my own. I mean, hey, no mom, no dad. Hahahaha. Evil laugh. Okay so, I went shopping with Nur Aqilah today. I followed her for the whole day.

Shopping. Alone. For. The. First. Time. And I wasted a lot of money, buying unnecessary things. Eh eh, wait! T-shirts, a pair of jeans & a watch, -- Aren't they important in our life? We will use it one day. So not really a waste of money. 

Anyway, I have gone way too far. Here, I'll post pictures taken before we stopped by at the Johor Premium Outlet,

Finally! Had our breakfast at the Hotel's restaurant. -- Tired of having to have our breakfast in the bus while on our way to the Singapore.

I miss my family so much! Seriously. -- Mama, Abah, Irfan, Dina && Dania. Can't wait to go home!!

Oh hey there, this is Nur Aqilah.

She's 5 Ibnu Sina's Mommy! Mm-hmm. Well to be frank, I don't really close with the people whom joined the tripped. Yes, they are my batch mates but, well you know, -- Same batch, but  never talk to each other. And, yes yes it's very awkward for me to start conversations with them especially because each and everyone of them already had their partners and all, while me on the other hand, -- Had no one.

Thank God for her! She helped me to get through the 4 days and 3 nights tripped to Johor and Singapore. She slept in the same room as me. Persuaded me that everything is going to be alright and fine when I cried. She kept me company while we went shopping at Johor Premium Outlet. Seriously, if it's not because her presence I would be pretending surviving the trip when the fact was, I am dying inside out! 

Thank you so much, Aqilah for the companionship. 


But, Mama and my siblings went to Ipoh, Perak to pay my aunt a visit so I had to endure another one more day, missing them. Sighs. Loooooooooooooooong sighs.




The Next Day.

- Sunday, 17th of August 2014. -

Mission accomplished! 5/7 Tons. 

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

Day 3 of My School Trip to Singapore.

Day 3.

- Friday, 15th of August 2014 -

It was the last day of our tripped to Singapore!


Pictures taken by Norfarah Hidayah from our bus, when we were on our way to Singapore!

 Splendid view, wasn't it?


Here you go, a summarized version of today's activities,

Woke up at 6.00 a.m. - Had our breakfast at the Hotel's restaurant. - Off to Singapore. - Dyslexia Association of Singapore. - From 11.00 a.m. till 7.00 p.m. day was well-spent at the Universal Studio of Singapore. - 7.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m. enjoying the magnificent views of Singapore. - Off to Johor, Malaysia. - Had dinner treated by Ustazah Hanani. - Dozed off at Grand Sentosa Hotel, Johor Bahru.

"Early bird caught the first worm!"

Here, in Dyslexia Association of Singapore, we get to know several information about people with Dyslexia problems. 

Arts done by kids with Dyslexia.

Mrs Surjati was the one who delivered the speech.

Let me tell you something, you probably don't know about, --

People with Dyslexia problems ain't crazy

They are humans, like us but they are a bit slow when it comes to learning, writing and reading. Oh, do you know that Lee Kuan Yew, whom was the first Prime Minister of Singapore has Dyslexia problems too?! You think what I am thinking?! Hell yeah! 

Anyway, Mrs Surjati inspired me. I love it, the way she delivered her talks, how passionate (can't think of any better word) she looked when she told us about her son who was diagnosed to have Autism, if I am not mistaken. I scarcely remember what problem her son has. -- Something to do with being too hyperactive. He did not know how to sit quietly for a long time, even if he is in the class, learning.

Oh, I even cried when she showed us a video about a son who has Dyslexia problems with his dad. A very touching video, indeed! I even think of volunteering myself to help people with Dyslexia problems! One fine day. Insha Allah!

Bad Tudung day. = Bad day.

Guess where's our next destination, peeps?!



Universal Studio of Singapore!

A good way to end our last day in Singapore!

(But I cried on my way here, why?! Because I was homesick and miss Tons very badly!)

Oh, yes, we change our school's corporate attire to a casual T-Shirt. & for me, I wore my slack! Easier for me to move. Okay, no. Not really. I am bad at fashion, that explains.

While waiting the Transformer ride! 

We had to line up for 1 hour & 30 minutes to ride it. But, it was worth it! Seriously, it was the best ride of all the rides in Universal Studio of Singapore.

...and then, the Mummia ride. -- I have no idea what the real name was. Anyhow, just like the Transformers ride, a long long long long way to go for the ride. But, hey it was fun! So, worth it even though we needed to line up in dark and the space was so narrow, I could barely breathe!

Two weeks before Trial, and here I am. Far far away from school.

Couldn't express my gratitude to the teacher who chose me to join the trip doh! I am so so so grateful! This was the first time in forever I went somewhere out of my own country. I am so Blessed! Alhamdulillah!

What I had for lunch. Oh don't worry, there's a Halal restaurant for the Muslims in there. ^^

Hello, this was like a compulsory picture to take if you are at the Universal Studio of Singapore.

Me ft. the Globe.

Sorry for the blurry picture, couldn't find a better one. Oh kidding, just too lazy to wait for pictures to be uploaded on my blog, -- Curse the internet!

Fine. Here's a better one. -__-"

Spot me anyway! :-D

Bought a Universal Studio of Singapore T-Shirt. + a cap for my brother.

I was so in love with Singapore. -- The tall buildings, how the lights made the city looked so beautiful at night, the pretty flowers at the side of the road. I love it! Indeed, Singapore is a beautiful place to go.

That was how we ended our last day at Singapore! 

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 2 of My School Trip to Singapore (Part 2).

Day 2 (Part 2).

- Thursday, 14th of August 2014. -

After visited Madrasah Al-Junied, Singapore, we actually needed to go to the Malaysia ambassador's house in Singapore but first, let's go for sight-seeing at the Merlion Park.

I want to cry over all the beautiful flowers in Singapore! The flowers turns Singapore to a very very very beautiful garden. No lies! I love everything about Singapore especially for its hygiene. You can find absolutely no rubbish on the road while you are driving or walking. 

The most frustrating part was we needed to go sight-seeing with our school uniform on! Mm-hmm. -.-

Oh, so that is Marina Bay, people? 

Failed at the attempt of being a model. 

With Nurul Hanan.

Meet my new buddy, Nur Afrina Najwa and Nurul Hannah.

Excuse my ugly faces.

What happens when a lion tries to be a fish? 



Let's snapped pictures to make them (our classmates) jealous!

From left: Farah Nadia, Nurzafira Sabrina (Me) and Nur Aqilah.

 After capturing good photos, to be kept as memories as well as to be shown to the people in Malaysia, we went to the house of Malaysia ambassador for tea time. Someone told me, it is the second biggest house in Singapore come after their palace. A proud Malaysian, I am.

Fall in love with the decorations of the house!

... Very beautiful, very clean, very organized! 

My ex-desk mate, Sharifah Nuramirah Izzati.

How did we manage to come to his house?


Aha, the ambassador was actually my teacher's brother. Very surprising, isn't it? 

 After we had our tea, we changed our school's retire to casual because tonight, we would be going to, guess where people?! Yes, shopping at the Bugis Street!!!  Nevertheless, we were given only one hour and a half, 7.00 p.m. till 8.30 p.m. to shopping which was not enough because we needed to rush!

"I want to buy this one, oh this one too, oh wait, this one look nice, okay, this one too."

After buying souvenirs for family and friends, it was time to go back to Malaysia. We checked in at Grand Sentosa Hotel, Johor Bahru. The best part was, two people shared one room! Oh my, this is what I called happiness! The room was indeed big and very comfortable. What did I have done, to deserve all of this?! Yet, I am so grateful for whatever I have gotten. 

Next, we had our dinner. Some of us went to Starbucks, if I am not mistaken, to have their dinner, but Nur Aqilah, Ustazah Zainon, Teacher Hafiza with her daughter and I went to the"tepi jalan" stalls to have our dinner. My menu was, Nasi Bubur and Milo Ais. 

Thanks to Teacher Hafiza for introduing Nasi Bubur to me and Ustazah Zainon for the treat over Udang and Sotong Goreng!! They tasted absolutely delicious!

With Teacher Hafiza!

They are yummy!

Ustazah Zainon and Nur Aqilah.

"Tepi jalan tapi sedap." 

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.