Friday, May 22, 2015

A Day Off.

Yesterday was a day off (from doing house chores) for me.

As you can see, I attended a conference at De' Seri Endon Puspanita, Putrajaya with my mom.

The main topic was Indahnya Perjalanan ke Syurga, Hebatnya Dugaan di Dunia. An interesting topic to talk about, indeed. But sadly, I only spent a half of my day there before following mom's to her office.

My most favorite speaker was Ustazah Asni binti Mansor with her topic, Baik Buruk di Hujung Jari: Berdakwah di Media Sosial (Preaching on Social Network). I love the way she delivered her speech, with her loud and deep voice. She was um, what's that word? A Fantastic preacher! 

Anyway here are her points:

How to promote quality during fasting month?
- By keeping some distant between you and your smartphone.

People nowadays, especially the girls happen to be too open in the social media. Everything they do, they will update about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc - Which is not good. It's not wrong to be expressive, but know your limits. There are things you can share with the public, and there are also things you have to keep to yourself.

 Therefore, to avoid ourselves look "cheap", think whether what you want to share will bring benefits to the other people, and yourself! If it won't, then better don't.

And of course, during fasting month:
  Al-Quran >>>>>>>>>>> (infinity & beyond) Smartphone

Well, that one actually has to be applied on our daily lives, not only during Ramadan. 

Forum session!

The best session of all sessions!! 'Cause one of the speakers, Ustaz Mohd Ajib bin Osman (the one who is in the middle) was a very funny man! The topic was, Bangaimana hendak menjadi Seunggul Saiditina Khadijah, Sebijak Saiditina Aisyah. This one, they focus more on marriage life, so yeah, um. Nonetheless, Imma share the tips anyway. 

Why do we have to get married?
- To be happy. :-)

Love is a gift, and to ensure our marriage will last forever we need to apply this tips:

1) Keep Loving.
2) Keep Caring.
3) Keep Sharing.
4) Keep Understanding.
5) Keep Forgiving.
6) Keep Giving (& receiving, lol).

No further explanation, haha. 

During lunch time, mom brought me to one of the restaurants situated at Tasik Putrajaya.

Mom's cute post, um. 

And me.

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wishes Granted!

You have no idea how much I want to pursue my study in Law Foundation. I could barely sleep yesterday, and woke up so early today as I was filled with nervousness. My heart was pounding so hard, I lost counts of my heartbeats. My hands were sweating and shaking. I was so damn worried.

"What if, I don't get the offer?!" I asked myself repeatedly. Sure, I have back up plans, - Matriculation college offer, which probably be my very last choice as I have to deal with Science subjects again. And then, I received an offer letter from Mara Poly-tech college, to pursue my study as a Professional ACCA (Association of Charted Certified Accountants). Which is also a no 'cause mom says so. So, basically, I am only left with two options; the Matriculation college or UPU. I tried to calm down, and started to pray so that Allah would give what's best for me.

AND, Alhamdulillah!!!!

Dreams come true again.

E0600 - Foundation In Law was exactly my first choice when I was filling my online UPU form! Feeling extra grateful, and thankful today, Alhamdulillah.

This is it, guys. This is probably where I'm heading to. The starts of my new journey. This time, I'm not going to let anything or anyone prevents me from chasing my dreams. This time, I decide where I want to be! Insha Allah.

May Allah ease our journey... Bismillah...

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.