Saturday, May 28, 2016

one long, hectic week

I have been very busy (not really) these days, I barely have time to blog. Also, there not much of interesting event happened in my life. The routines are pretty much the same. Won't tell you how my days go everyday because by then, I know you will judge how lazy and lifeless I am.

Anyway, I am going to start my week recap from last Monday til this week's Friday. Hopefully it is not going to be too long that it will bore you to death as you read my blog. Before I proceed, here's a very short summary about the stuff that happened weeks before.


Remember when I blogged about jobs hunting a month ago? Well, I did receive one offer. But I politely refused to accept it because I wasn't satisfied with the wages offered. The forever demanding Zafira. So, I waited for another call. I was supposed to be working on May 4th, but only a day before that I got to know that someone else had already taken the job I applied for. I received another offer on May 5th but I rejected it considering it is going to be a hectic month for me. It is complicated but all you have to know is that, for now, I am jobless. Hence why the unchanging-routine-waking-up-at-12-noon continues.

Three weeks ago, on 12/5 I received my second semester's results. After all the havoc that happened throughout the semester, I was very much contented with my results. I managed to secure all A's for my Law subjects, except for LAW039 as I got an A- for that particular subject. If you still remember my previous post, it was the paper that I sat for with only one eye. All in all, Alhamdulillah, with Allah's wills, this semester's GPA was a whole lot better that last semester.

To sum up everything, I graduated Foundation with Dean. Alhamdulillah.

Monday 16/5 - Tuesday 17/5

Results: checked.

Interviews' offer: 

Here comes the frightening moment for every Foundation Law's students: 4 flat won't guarantee you a place in one of the best law schools in Malaysia. You need to be interviewed first, or to make it sound even more scary, you need to compete with thousands of people all over Malaysia to secure a place in Law school. There are not many of public Universities that offer students to read Law, that's why the competition is quite tough. 

Within these two days, we were told that the interviews' results will be out. Waiting was very tiring and stressing. Every single day spent reloading the Universities' websites to see if the interviews' results had been revealed or not. Everyone on WhatsApp be like, "Is the results out already?" "The UiTM results should be out by now right?" "What happened?" "You received UKM?" "Tell me those who get." "It's 12 already, why I cannot open the link?" "System error."  lol.

Once again, Alhamdulillah, I received all the three offers from the top three Universities that I applied for: UiTM, UKM, and UM. I didn't get UIA tho. The pointer need to be 3.8 above to actually get into UIA. Plus, they already have their own students so yeah lowering my expectation. The ratio of who get the offer to be interviewed from UIA was 1:30. So rare.

Anyway, here's the date and time of my interviews according to Universities:

UiTM - 21/5 0800
UKM - 25/5 1400
UM -26/5 1400

When I first received my results, I felt so overwhelmed. Mom was out for meeting, and I was left in her room all alone and I was so excited I wanted to shout out loud but it's an office so I did not. 

Wednesday 18/5 - Friday 20/5

It's all about my preparation for the interviews. I asked Syasya, my senior, some tips to excel the interviews. She must had nailed those because she's in UM right now!!! Cries rivers!!! It's very nice of her to give me tips, advice and motivation. I owe her loads!

1) Revise.
I revised back EVERYTHING that I have learnt during Foundation. All the Law subjects. Everything that seemed legit enough to be asked during the interview, especially UiTM. Because UiTM knows what we learned, the scope of our study so of course with no doubt they will at least asked one law question.

But actually, well, I am a lazy bum so I didn't do that much of revision. I did flip over all the slides I have. Some reading but not very detail. Some people could finish one whole subject and tweeted bout it. And here I am, on bed, scrolling my Twitter. But no worries I guess, it's not about your memory, it's about how deep you understand law, and how good are you at applying them in real life.

2) Read ALL the current issues: Be it National or International.
This is the part that I emphasized the most: Be updated. I was an ignorant person. I RARELY read newspaper, but as soon as I got to know I would be call out for the interviews I hurriedly went to my Dad and asked about almost everything. The 1MDB issue, Panama Papers, Egyptair flight, etc. It is very important to know every single thing that is happening in Malaysia because I assure you, the interviewers will ask!

I even make notes on them, because I work best that way? Reading alone won't help. By making notes, at least I could revise them while waiting for my interviews. But there were many people come empty-handed but their knowledge is da'bomb. So if you are up-to-date person, nothing to worry, if you are not, better be PREPARED.

3) Prepare some logic-probably-will-be-asked-questions.

What's your first choice in UPU?

If you got two offers at the same time, which one would you go to?

What's your hobby?

Why would the University accept you?

Why do you want to enter this University? 

Why law?


It's predictable.

Frankly speaking, if you were to ask me, why law? What's my hobby? I have exactly no idea. Going for interviews like this make me realize how little I know myself. I have been living for 19 years but what's your hobby is still the most tough question for me to answer. I don't even know what I like to do during my free times. Probably sleeping. It could be reading. Cleaning? Surfing the internet? & few weeks ago I just realize I am really into K-dramas to only know that I can get over the dramas as soon as possible. Maybe it's because I don't like doing stuff halfway. I wanted to finish things I do immediately so I could move on to the next thing. Hence why I could spend one day watching 5-6 episodes. Because I want to stop watching, and start reading/cleaning/writing/sleeping.

If what's your hobby question is already tough for me to answer, what do you expect for the why law question. Totally blurred. I've never thought that I would be a Lawyer one day. I was exposed to numerous kind of jobs, but my surrounding is all about science and maths. Mom is an  Accountant, Dad used to be an Engineer. Thought I will be a Doctor only to find out I am reading Law a year ago.

It's wonderful how easy it is for me to read law compared to solving Maths problems or memorize scientific facts. That's all I know. How it all started, I have nooo idea. Truth to be told, I have such a high respect for people who managed to figure out their career path since they were kids. While me, I think I pretty much go with the flow.

Saturday 21/5

Here comes the D-day!!

I was the second last group to be interviewed that day. Guys, trust me, it's such a pain in the ass looking at all the people who had already been interviewed while I, on the other hand, needed to wait for hours. To spice things up, they all went out of the interview's room and told us how easyyy the questions were.

"Chill. It's so easy, they only asked bout your favorite subject and relate it to any current issue in Malaysia."

To trust those fellas was just a wrong move guys!!! Please don't. Lesson learnt! Because believe it or not, only the pattern of the interview remained the same, the questions would always change depending on the interviewers. 

Here's what happened when it was my turned.

"Introduce yourself: Tell us your name, you're under what program KPTM/UiTM/STPM/Matriks. Your CGPA."

Hold on peeps. I know how easy life seems to be when they tell you what to say for your introduction. 

...only to know that...

The next question is just sooo tough and challenging!

"What's your favorite subject and relate it to the crime situation in Malaysia."

Fck. Haha. I am so doomed.

What crime situation when I spent half of the day focusing on the Zakir Naik's issue???????? Among the four of us, only Wani managed to come out with the best answer. She relates the subject LAW087 with Zulkifli's issue. She prepared for it since forever! Haha. So lucky. When it was my turned I asked for a permission if I could change the question because why would I risk my life to answer something that I am not familiar with????? But Alhamdulillah, there's hikmah as I did that. One of the interviewers actually guide me. She asked me what's my favorite question, and from there I actually manage to answer the question- This is based on what the interviewers' told me.

Last question was:

"Why UiTM?"

Damn broken English because I was sooo nervous.

Sunday 22/5

Abah's birthday!!!!

Monday 23/5

Visited Aisyah at her work's place. Wei, that girl ah. She got so many things to talk about. But she's so lazy to type them all on WhatApps that I had to come to her work's place. -___________-"

But I swear it was the most fun catching up session about her work's place, interviews, and some other stuff. As I went to meet her, I felt so blessed I didn't receive the job offer because it's so pity to see her handling job and interviews at the same time. By the time she got home, she's already tired, where got time to study???

Wednesday 25/5

My ex-roommate's birthday!!! a.k.a my UKM's interview day!!!

The most relaxing interview I've ever had!!!!!!! Thank God for that because I really didn't prepare much for this interview. I discovered loads of videos (especially from Daphne Iking's channel) on YouTube that I forgot I had an important interview the next day. Lucky me because it started at noon so I thought, it's okay I would have ample time to study tomorrow morning. who am I joking??? I woke up only when it's 11. Pf-ft. Anyway here were the questions asked during the interview:

"Introduce yourself in one minute."

"If you got two offers: From UiTM and UKM, which one will you choose?"

"Do you think that Law is needed in Business?"

...and ok that's all.

Blessed the friendly lecturers who listened attentively as we gave out our answers.

We also have to sit for a writing test and there were two questions, one in Malay and another one in English.

Thursday 26/5

UM's interview.

The toughest, challenging, most tense interview I've got to say.

The lecturers were psycho. The asked questions based on the answers that you give. While I was waiting, many people whom had already finished their interviews bragged about how easy the questions were. But again, the most vital tip in interview is to never trust people who says it's easy. Especially when they have different panels than yours. Because for God's sake mine was sooo hard!!! Up til today, I still remember all the questions that were asked by my interviewers that made me want to kill myself. Even when I looked at novels, I am being reminded how teruk I was during the interview.

Everyone: No worries. It's easy. No Law questions. They don't ask current issues.

Me: What's the most important Law that you learned? The legal issue of 1MDB? What are the things that you cannot do if you suddenly receive 4 Million MYR in your bank account based on AUSTRALIA'S LAW?



I had a tough time answering what's the legal issue of 1MDB, I seriously wanted to cry. They asked me how Law built the nation because I accidentally blurted out those words as I introduced myself. They asked if I read Politics' books/biographies as I said I love reading. Hence why yesterday I feel like slapping myself as I picked the novels I wanted to buy. 


UM has always been a dreamed University for everyone. Despite the facts that I have been warned so many times how difficult it is to graduate with Law degree. I always looked up to my senior, Syasya, because man how did she even make it there???? I feel so bad as I remember that I stuttered a lot, and I wasn't really confident with my answers. & how I wish I could speak in English fluently. 

Few minutes before I was interviewed, I met Kak Syasya. She gave me and Aimi pep talked about how interesting it is to study in UM. Yes it's tough but it's up to you to stay at the same place and be happy or to be miserable and grow into the strongest person you would be is how she would describe UM. She shared with us almost everything that UM has to offer, and from that moment I realize how strong my desire is to have a Law degree from that University. But since it's over now, I can't help but think of how bad my performance was. I could have done better but at the same time, I knew I have done my best. It's the best that I could give. There's no way I could turn back time, so what's left is for me to keep on praying that I'll get what's best for me. Like my Pak Njang said, solat hajat banyak-banyak. Because you've already done your best. It's time for Him to decide the rest.

If anyone reads this, please pray for me!! I really hope I will be accepted into UM haha.

Friday 27/5

Watched X-Men Apocalypse with my brother at IOI. I swear to God it was a very good movie!!! I am not a Marvel's person but I got to say X-Men Apocalypse was just sooo good. Every second spent in the cinema wondering what would happen next.

A great way to release tension after a long hectic week!



Can only hope for the best now!

Oh, I probably will start working this June! Haha. Insha Allah. If they really keep their words this time. Also, I can't wait for the Ramadan's month!!!More updates soon- I am slowing down because I don't have much things to blab about. My days are pretty much the same everyday! :D

Til we meet again.

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

After 7

The title for today's post say it all.

As per usual, Saturdays are pretty much the same as other days ever since I'm on holidays. (Just hit me up if you need partner to go shopping/book fairs/food hunting etc I'll always have my time to accompany you! Provided that you're a female.) It was around 2.45 p.m. from the person I least expected to have WhatsApp me. Guess who????




It's Raja Fateen Nabila!

My long-time-no-see-friend. Haha.

Boy, it has been 7 years since we last met. The last time we met was in the year 2010 before she left to MRSM Gemencheh Ulul Albab. Regardless of the many years of not meeting each other, I am amazed on how we managed to remain in touch til today. I shall thank her for doing a great job in retaining our friendship. 

Let's cut to the chase. Twas a very very last minute planning, I swear. Wait, did we even plan for it?? 

"Fira, where are you?"

"Dekat rumah je ni ha."

"Rumah kau dekat mana? Aku nak ajak shopping, lol."



And the next 5 minutes, all I know was that she was already in front of my house. I don't know what's on her mind but that was so freaking fast like oh come on B-la, it's been 7 years, why don't you give me some time to actually 'prepare' myself properly. Prepare here means to prepare myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's been 7 years ok, not 7 days. The fact that she actually asked me out, already felt like a dream. I asked my sisters "what should I say when I meet her?" the whole time I was getting myself ready. "Will it be okay to wear this?" "Where exactly she wants to bring me?" "What topics would we be talking about?" "Will it be awkward?" Pfftt. Zafira. All this while, you have been dying to see her, now you get the chance you chicken out ah? But still, I made it anyway. Going out with her, I mean.

We went to Zefiks Garage Sale and then we stopped by at D-One Steak for coffee talks before she sent me home, hehe. Okay tak, watermelon juice and teh ais talks, lol.

It was a very short and quick meeting so we just talk as much as we want over random topics while munching French Fries and Garlic Bread with Mushroom Soup. 

And... It was raining, haha. I can safely say that our meeting was blessed. 

Anyway, since Raja (because I called her 'Raja' in Primary school) (You have no idea how eager she was when she talked about Primary school) (She even planning for homecoming, can you believe that?) hasn't moved on from Primary school memories, I would love to write it here how our friendship started exactly 7 years ago.

It was in the year 2009, and I was placed in 6 Kenanga. Besides Fatin Fatihah, I have exactly no idea who were the rest of my classmates. But one thing that was so obvious was that Raja was a part of the popular group in my class. And she's a smarty pant.

In primary school, it's a norm for your class teacher to change the place you sit in class. I didn't like the whole idea of changing places in class especially when you were asked to sit next to boys. Boys... But I guess this time, it was a blessing because that was how we started being friends. So in class, my new sit was next to a guy name Ariff, while Raja was placed next to Azrul. If I am not mistaken, I sat in front of them. Boys being boys, they insisted to sit next to each other because they were 'best friends' so when it was not Science class, Raja would sit next to me while Ariff would go behind to sit with Azrul. I have no idea how we could be so closed but one thing for sure we both began to form a group with Nadia Nabillah and Fatihah. As of now, I'm still in contact with Nadia but no longer with Fatihah since she went to a different high school. Remind you, there's no such thing as WhatsApp for us to contact each other back then.

If you asked me what's the memory that I still have in mind with Raja, it would be the moment when we received our UPSR results. I told her to open up her results only when I received mine. We did open our results together and Alhamdulillah, both of us secure 5 A's. For your information, Raja was the one that inspired me to work so damn hard for UPSR. This is very embarrassing but I am going to tell you anyway. I was a student with loads of C's in her exam slip. Everyone knows that. Til the day I made friends with Raja, I had this mentality- if I want to be her freaking friend I need to be on the freaking same level like her. Haha. From that day onward, I started to study so hard with my dad. All the hard work paid off, Alhamdulillah.

A couple of days before she left to MRSM Gemencheh Ulul Albab, we actually had a fight, but haha, ok this is funny I actually sent a message through her Myspace to say sorry for everything I had done. She forgave me, nasib baik. Haha. 

Unlike certain people, I shall adore her efforts in keeping in touch with everyone she knows in primary school. Pfftt. What do you expect?? She hasn't even moved on from her kindergarten's life. But seriously though, what would happen if she has moved on from her primary school's life? I would also be forgotten so yeah, I'm glad she hasn't. Please don't... even how desperate you look like to meet everyone you know back then, haha.

Ah it feels so good that we finally met each other. 

*refused to post pictures of us during primary school, sooo selekeh*

Good old days, good old days.

"Valuing friendship is not merely by seeing each other everyday. What counts is that somehow in our busy lives, we remember each other." (B-la, 2016)

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

overdose of bof

Writing this while listening to Lucky by Ashily.

Ha, does that somehow rings a bell to what I am up to currently? Bet you have the idea if you love watching K-dramas! Or better yet, I am currently listening and repeating Because I'm Stupid Acoustic Version by Kim Hyun Joong.

Precisely 7 years ago, I have exactly no idea what K-pop//K-dramas is all about. I was in standard 6 and if you were to ask me regarding this matter I would just stare at you blankly. I didn't hate the idea of this whole K-stuff, in fact I do have some friends who are addicted to their bands, and watch their dramas. Ohhh wait, maybe there were times when I questioned their interest but let's just forget about the past shall we? hehe.

Thank God for the existence of Myspace, I got to stalk some of my friends who were K-pop addict. The first boy band I knew was Super Junior with their famous sorry, sorry song but that was it. I wasn't convinced to liking K-pop by just listening to their songs... or even simply watching their videos. Maybe I am really not 'artful' enough to appreciate their skillful dance. Like Aisyah did. Haha. Also when I was in form two, I sat next to a friend of mine who loves, loves Beast so much! So a supportive friend, I was, I searched about Beast on Youtube. I, surprisingly, found their Beautiful song sooooooooo beautiful. Haha. And then I got to know Shinee. Even without understanding the meaning, I love the beat for their Hello song. Very catchy.

and again, that was it.

I love one out of many songs they released. I listened for a couple of days and then I stopped.

That's for the bands and their songs. Moving on to their dramas....... mm-hmm. Since my family didn't subscribe to Korean channels, I really, seriously have no idea why, how, what makes people love watching them. But I knew one of the K-dramas that was very famous- Boys over flower. I bet everyone knows this drama. How it gets so popular and all. Once again, I'm not interested at all.

People changed you know. Their interest especially. Haha.

As for me, I didn't see it coming at all. I was Whatsapp-ing my cousin and she told me to watched I hear your voice. Because I was bored to death and it was semester break, I watched it anyway and that's when I can't stop watching K-dramas. I hear your voice to Pinocchio to She was pretty to 6 episodes of To the beautiful you to Descendant of the sun ((my god, should I make another post about how good this drama is????? I even watched it few days before final exam instead of studying. Mannn, maybe I should!!)). I even get myself a copy of other K-dramas from my friends so I could watch them after Foundation ended.

AND NOW PEOPLE *inhales* *exhales*

I know right?????? How can I not?????????????? Sighs.

The drama is just too good. In fact, irresistible. I even managed to watch all the 25 episodes in  just 5 days. Ha, that's how lifeless I am right now. But seriously tho, there's no doubt this drama could be this popular. I love the story line of this drama so much. The role played by the actors and actress are also almost near to perfection. I love everything about this drama... Except of course, for the part when Geum Jan Di decided that Ji Hoo is only his soulmate but never someone she wants to be with forever. HOW SAD IS THAT???? It breaks my heart. I am pretty sure whoever watched this drama, we are on the same page. But then again, who would want to be with someone as quiet as Ji Hoo?? He is depressed some more hm smh. Buuuutt despite all that, he is still charming, caring, loving and he has a very cute smile everyone is dying to see.

actually, this is the main reason for this post. hehe.


*throws confetti*


How can a guy's smile be so beautiful? Sighs. 

#ohmygod #help #icantbreathe

Me. Trying to forget you. Hehe.

I object Geum Jan Di for choosing Jun Pyo instead of Ji Hoo but then again, the story was meant for Jan Di and Jun Pyo like Aisyah said. To be frank, the motive of watching this drama (which was to figure out the reason why people love watching it in the first place) changed ever since I set my eyes on him. 

Main focus: captured good photos of Ji Hoo. 


I should sleep early tonight because tomorrow will be a long day but man, I can't help myself but update about my current, interest? Sighs. I really should have watched this drama 7 years ago. Looked at me now, I am fangirling over Hyun Joong alone... What's even more heartbreaking than not being able to get any recent update on him. Looong sighs

Oh not to forget, I also love all the songs played in this drama. In fact I downloaded them all in my phone!! Ah tell me, I'll get over him as soon as possible because I can't seem to figure the way out. Hehe. My favorite song in this drama would be Because I'm Stupid sang by Kim Hyun Joong in acoustic version. To be frank I love the well written lyrics. Very... Touching... Hehe.

So... Anyway...



Since Geum Jan Di already found her soulmate, when will I find mine? 


Thank you so much for reading this post. I have been wanting to talk about Hyun Joong all day but... everyone has get over Boys over flower since 7 years ago, and here I am, just get to know him. I feel like spamming my Instagram and Twitter with his pictures but I was too insecure to do that? And this is the only place I feel safe to do so. 

Another one picture of him won't hurt right?

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dramatic Closure.

Foundation ended four days ago and that's not all,

I brought back a souvenir all the way from Dengkil!

Thought it was my right eye haha but this picture is really blurry.

Hello humans! To answer your curiosity, I poked my right eye with a pen two days before Foundation ends. I was studying for the last subject LAW039//psychology at the moment when it happened. Pfftt why would I lie? I was really studying ok.

...about love.

Come on guys, love is literally one of the topics we learn in this subject ok?

So anyway, I thought it wasn't serious at first so I just washed my eyes with tap water. I did go to sleep early that night because it's very uncomfortable to read with eyes in such condition. I really hope it would get better because Abah's words kept playing in my head, "Don't play with your eyes, you can go blind for the rest of your life." That mere advise scares me to death!!

Around 4 a.m. I woke up and my right eye hurts so bad!! I wanted to call my mom but I fret I would make her worry. Plus, I can still see so I thought this is just a minor injury. ha ha ha who am I joking?????? The next morning I woke up and both of my eyes couldn't open properly! It hurts so bad I felt like closing my eyes all day but I still haven't finished studying for psychology... so at 10 a.m. I hurriedly went to Aisyah's room and asked her if she could accompany me to Pusat Kesihatan (PK).

All my life I never thought of hearing this one sentence but "I'll refer you to Hospital (Putrajaya)," was just so scary to hear!! I cried on the spot when she told me the injury in my right eye was quite serious. I almost poked the most sensitive part of an eye. That is, cornea!!!! She added that if I didn't get the right treatment, my eyesight might be blurry, forever.

Our journey to Hospital Putrajaya was filled with conflicts. Supposedly, the UiTM should be sending me there, but there was no transportation available at that time. The doctor said we could get there by bus but to wait for hours is just another problem. Aisyah and her housemates helped a lot in finding transportation to get there. They called their friends who brought car to Dengkil, and even willingly download the grab-car apps. Haish how can I not love them all?

Long story short. We went there by UiTM's car because somehow the driver was there. During the registration I called my mom to tell her what happened. Luckily her office is in Putrajaya so she fetched me and Aisyah at the hospital and brought us out for lunch. Here's the funny part. Everyone, like literally everyone I met would ask what's wrong with my eyes. Even the waiter purposely went in front of me to ask what happened. Such concern I received from the public! I am touched!! 

Anyway, now that I no longer have that white eye patch on my right eye. Still, I have to attend one medical check up next week. Seems like my right eye is getting better but the vision is still a little blurry. Please pray nothing serious will happen to me! 


It has been a while since I last update my blog yet choosing either to blog or to watch K-dramas is so hard. 



Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.