Sunday, May 1, 2016

After 7

The title for today's post say it all.

As per usual, Saturdays are pretty much the same as other days ever since I'm on holidays. (Just hit me up if you need partner to go shopping/book fairs/food hunting etc I'll always have my time to accompany you! Provided that you're a female.) It was around 2.45 p.m. from the person I least expected to have WhatsApp me. Guess who????




It's Raja Fateen Nabila!

My long-time-no-see-friend. Haha.

Boy, it has been 7 years since we last met. The last time we met was in the year 2010 before she left to MRSM Gemencheh Ulul Albab. Regardless of the many years of not meeting each other, I am amazed on how we managed to remain in touch til today. I shall thank her for doing a great job in retaining our friendship. 

Let's cut to the chase. Twas a very very last minute planning, I swear. Wait, did we even plan for it?? 

"Fira, where are you?"

"Dekat rumah je ni ha."

"Rumah kau dekat mana? Aku nak ajak shopping, lol."



And the next 5 minutes, all I know was that she was already in front of my house. I don't know what's on her mind but that was so freaking fast like oh come on B-la, it's been 7 years, why don't you give me some time to actually 'prepare' myself properly. Prepare here means to prepare myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's been 7 years ok, not 7 days. The fact that she actually asked me out, already felt like a dream. I asked my sisters "what should I say when I meet her?" the whole time I was getting myself ready. "Will it be okay to wear this?" "Where exactly she wants to bring me?" "What topics would we be talking about?" "Will it be awkward?" Pfftt. Zafira. All this while, you have been dying to see her, now you get the chance you chicken out ah? But still, I made it anyway. Going out with her, I mean.

We went to Zefiks Garage Sale and then we stopped by at D-One Steak for coffee talks before she sent me home, hehe. Okay tak, watermelon juice and teh ais talks, lol.

It was a very short and quick meeting so we just talk as much as we want over random topics while munching French Fries and Garlic Bread with Mushroom Soup. 

And... It was raining, haha. I can safely say that our meeting was blessed. 

Anyway, since Raja (because I called her 'Raja' in Primary school) (You have no idea how eager she was when she talked about Primary school) (She even planning for homecoming, can you believe that?) hasn't moved on from Primary school memories, I would love to write it here how our friendship started exactly 7 years ago.

It was in the year 2009, and I was placed in 6 Kenanga. Besides Fatin Fatihah, I have exactly no idea who were the rest of my classmates. But one thing that was so obvious was that Raja was a part of the popular group in my class. And she's a smarty pant.

In primary school, it's a norm for your class teacher to change the place you sit in class. I didn't like the whole idea of changing places in class especially when you were asked to sit next to boys. Boys... But I guess this time, it was a blessing because that was how we started being friends. So in class, my new sit was next to a guy name Ariff, while Raja was placed next to Azrul. If I am not mistaken, I sat in front of them. Boys being boys, they insisted to sit next to each other because they were 'best friends' so when it was not Science class, Raja would sit next to me while Ariff would go behind to sit with Azrul. I have no idea how we could be so closed but one thing for sure we both began to form a group with Nadia Nabillah and Fatihah. As of now, I'm still in contact with Nadia but no longer with Fatihah since she went to a different high school. Remind you, there's no such thing as WhatsApp for us to contact each other back then.

If you asked me what's the memory that I still have in mind with Raja, it would be the moment when we received our UPSR results. I told her to open up her results only when I received mine. We did open our results together and Alhamdulillah, both of us secure 5 A's. For your information, Raja was the one that inspired me to work so damn hard for UPSR. This is very embarrassing but I am going to tell you anyway. I was a student with loads of C's in her exam slip. Everyone knows that. Til the day I made friends with Raja, I had this mentality- if I want to be her freaking friend I need to be on the freaking same level like her. Haha. From that day onward, I started to study so hard with my dad. All the hard work paid off, Alhamdulillah.

A couple of days before she left to MRSM Gemencheh Ulul Albab, we actually had a fight, but haha, ok this is funny I actually sent a message through her Myspace to say sorry for everything I had done. She forgave me, nasib baik. Haha. 

Unlike certain people, I shall adore her efforts in keeping in touch with everyone she knows in primary school. Pfftt. What do you expect?? She hasn't even moved on from her kindergarten's life. But seriously though, what would happen if she has moved on from her primary school's life? I would also be forgotten so yeah, I'm glad she hasn't. Please don't... even how desperate you look like to meet everyone you know back then, haha.

Ah it feels so good that we finally met each other. 

*refused to post pictures of us during primary school, sooo selekeh*

Good old days, good old days.

"Valuing friendship is not merely by seeing each other everyday. What counts is that somehow in our busy lives, we remember each other." (B-la, 2016)

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

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