Sunday, April 24, 2016

overdose of bof

Writing this while listening to Lucky by Ashily.

Ha, does that somehow rings a bell to what I am up to currently? Bet you have the idea if you love watching K-dramas! Or better yet, I am currently listening and repeating Because I'm Stupid Acoustic Version by Kim Hyun Joong.

Precisely 7 years ago, I have exactly no idea what K-pop//K-dramas is all about. I was in standard 6 and if you were to ask me regarding this matter I would just stare at you blankly. I didn't hate the idea of this whole K-stuff, in fact I do have some friends who are addicted to their bands, and watch their dramas. Ohhh wait, maybe there were times when I questioned their interest but let's just forget about the past shall we? hehe.

Thank God for the existence of Myspace, I got to stalk some of my friends who were K-pop addict. The first boy band I knew was Super Junior with their famous sorry, sorry song but that was it. I wasn't convinced to liking K-pop by just listening to their songs... or even simply watching their videos. Maybe I am really not 'artful' enough to appreciate their skillful dance. Like Aisyah did. Haha. Also when I was in form two, I sat next to a friend of mine who loves, loves Beast so much! So a supportive friend, I was, I searched about Beast on Youtube. I, surprisingly, found their Beautiful song sooooooooo beautiful. Haha. And then I got to know Shinee. Even without understanding the meaning, I love the beat for their Hello song. Very catchy.

and again, that was it.

I love one out of many songs they released. I listened for a couple of days and then I stopped.

That's for the bands and their songs. Moving on to their dramas....... mm-hmm. Since my family didn't subscribe to Korean channels, I really, seriously have no idea why, how, what makes people love watching them. But I knew one of the K-dramas that was very famous- Boys over flower. I bet everyone knows this drama. How it gets so popular and all. Once again, I'm not interested at all.

People changed you know. Their interest especially. Haha.

As for me, I didn't see it coming at all. I was Whatsapp-ing my cousin and she told me to watched I hear your voice. Because I was bored to death and it was semester break, I watched it anyway and that's when I can't stop watching K-dramas. I hear your voice to Pinocchio to She was pretty to 6 episodes of To the beautiful you to Descendant of the sun ((my god, should I make another post about how good this drama is????? I even watched it few days before final exam instead of studying. Mannn, maybe I should!!)). I even get myself a copy of other K-dramas from my friends so I could watch them after Foundation ended.

AND NOW PEOPLE *inhales* *exhales*

I know right?????? How can I not?????????????? Sighs.

The drama is just too good. In fact, irresistible. I even managed to watch all the 25 episodes in  just 5 days. Ha, that's how lifeless I am right now. But seriously tho, there's no doubt this drama could be this popular. I love the story line of this drama so much. The role played by the actors and actress are also almost near to perfection. I love everything about this drama... Except of course, for the part when Geum Jan Di decided that Ji Hoo is only his soulmate but never someone she wants to be with forever. HOW SAD IS THAT???? It breaks my heart. I am pretty sure whoever watched this drama, we are on the same page. But then again, who would want to be with someone as quiet as Ji Hoo?? He is depressed some more hm smh. Buuuutt despite all that, he is still charming, caring, loving and he has a very cute smile everyone is dying to see.

actually, this is the main reason for this post. hehe.


*throws confetti*


How can a guy's smile be so beautiful? Sighs. 

#ohmygod #help #icantbreathe

Me. Trying to forget you. Hehe.

I object Geum Jan Di for choosing Jun Pyo instead of Ji Hoo but then again, the story was meant for Jan Di and Jun Pyo like Aisyah said. To be frank, the motive of watching this drama (which was to figure out the reason why people love watching it in the first place) changed ever since I set my eyes on him. 

Main focus: captured good photos of Ji Hoo. 


I should sleep early tonight because tomorrow will be a long day but man, I can't help myself but update about my current, interest? Sighs. I really should have watched this drama 7 years ago. Looked at me now, I am fangirling over Hyun Joong alone... What's even more heartbreaking than not being able to get any recent update on him. Looong sighs

Oh not to forget, I also love all the songs played in this drama. In fact I downloaded them all in my phone!! Ah tell me, I'll get over him as soon as possible because I can't seem to figure the way out. Hehe. My favorite song in this drama would be Because I'm Stupid sang by Kim Hyun Joong in acoustic version. To be frank I love the well written lyrics. Very... Touching... Hehe.

So... Anyway...



Since Geum Jan Di already found her soulmate, when will I find mine? 


Thank you so much for reading this post. I have been wanting to talk about Hyun Joong all day but... everyone has get over Boys over flower since 7 years ago, and here I am, just get to know him. I feel like spamming my Instagram and Twitter with his pictures but I was too insecure to do that? And this is the only place I feel safe to do so. 

Another one picture of him won't hurt right?

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

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