Tuesday, June 6, 2017

hike all the way up

Saturday - 18/03/2017 

The best part of studying in University of Malaya, or UM was all the experiences I have gained throughout these two semesters. All of them are precious, hopefully I could jot down all the memories here.

So, one of the memories that I am about to share with you is an activity that I've never thought of doing! Guess what it was???




Hahaha I mean, I know right? Everyone knows I am not 'that' adventurous. But this time I should thank Yaya, Ain and Sya, once again, for convincing me to join jungle trekking/hiking at Sungai Lepoh, Hulu Langat organized by Royal Expedition club under KK12. I was actually contemplating between two programs. I should be going to TSP in Perak, under Community Out Reach program in my faculty, but because of these two fellas I decided to withdraw my name and paid RM 35 (hoping it would be worth it, hehe). 

To be honest, I almost canceled out my plan of going because 1) I wasn't feeling that well, I had flu; 2) KK12 is too far from KK2; 3) Do I really have to be there before 7 a.m.?; 4) Walk some more?? But thank God, Ain's roommate was away so she let me stayed overnight in her room just so I won't be late! 

To be honest, I was never really interested in such activities but I do have this one friend of mine whom has so much passion for hiking- the nature to be precise. He showed me pictures of the scenery once you are on top of the mountain and I was in awe. Ever since that day, hiking was in my bucket-list. 

I am not sure if this was a good or bad experience. Maybe a little of both?

Jungle trekking was NOT EASY. The journey before we reached the waterfall was so damn tough. Throughout the journey I slipped, I crouched, I fell numerous of times!!!! I brought a lot of troubles to the High-com. There were times when I just wanted to stop hiking. My stamina was a no joke! I didn't go jogging or exercises in years and now I was expecting myself to be fit enough to go up the hill? oh lord who am I kidding.

so weak zz

But I kept pushing myself. I kept whispering to myself that it's going to be over soon. I would reach the destination and I'd be so glad I didn't give up. And if all these people can do it, why can't I? Anyways, I'm not sure if it's just me but I often feel that talking to yourself in the inside while exercising is tiring as if I am having a conversation in real life.

Reached the destination!!!

It took 2 hours +++ (or 3 hours?) if I am not mistaken to reach at the waterfall. Subahanallah it was indeed a very pretty scenery. Unfortunately though I did not capture pictures of the waterfall and I'm too lazy to save the pictures taken by my friends. 

Before we had a barbecue time, we played by the river. It was the time of the month so I was contemplating whether or not I should soak myself in the water. But meh, how long can I refrain myself? It was so tempting to be a part of the waterfall after years of not being able to do so cause; kencing tikus pft. What's even more interesting was when I glided through the batu air terjun!!! I wish I can upload the video here. It was so dangerous but Wani and I were one of the first girls who were brave enough to take up the challenge. No regrets. We even did it twice! That's how fun it was.

Next time; if you feel like doing something, just do it! It may be your last chance of doing so. 

Without these two I wouldn't be breaking my own record lol.

It was around 2 p.m. after we had cleaned ourselves and eaten our lunch, it started to rain and it was the exact same time we had to leave the place. I thought only the process of going up was tough but teeeetttt I was wrong. The process of going down was just the same. It was raining some more!!! Once again, in the middle of the journey, I slipped, I crouched, I fall and this time I EVEN SPRAINED MY ANKLE TWICE. I am super glad I have my friends who would help me especially Wani because she accompanied me during the whole journey of going down. She's such a sweetheart.

I gave troubles to the REX high-com and I was fully aware of it. In fact I heard one of them said, "What's your name? Nak blacklist haha," I didn't blame them if they ever felt that way because yes I was such a troublesome... and burdensome. The senior who leads the way down even asked me to walk in front of him just to make sure I was safe (I guess so). Lucky I was I know most of the high-com cause most of them are my law seniors they have been nothing but super nice to me!! 

I even lost my new shoes guys!!! Nasib baik Muaz and Kak Aliya were still at the place when the bus had moved to UM. I almost cry ok thinking what if I didn't get back my shoes?! My parents would kill me!!!

But worries no more, I got my shoes back hehe.

All in all it was a good experience for me. I mean the journey wasn't easy, obviously but throughout the process I learn a lot of things such as do work on your own phase, friendship etc.

This was my first time, hopefully it won't be the last.

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

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