Monday, November 2, 2015

birthday surprise

18 years of living life, I have no clue how it feels like when the people you love organize a surprise birthday party for you. Really. 

Perhaps this year I got a little luck in life, these bunch of people I've met and known only for a few months finally helped me in figuring out the 'feelings'. Since it was my first ever surprise birthday party, it definitely deserves an appreciation post. :>

Frankly speaking, I hate it when it's reaching the 22nd day in September. Starting this year, I realize that it's not something that I should celebrate. It simply means that I am getting older in life, and here's to many more (life) tests to come, and begging self to be matured but failed over and over again. I also taught myself that some people I love do forget my birthday, and decided to let go, and not to bear grudges. See? I'm a little mature this year. Hehe.

From left: Nawnaw, Arifah, Me, Zati, Aida

These people in the photo are those I had been spending so much time with in college. AND YES OF COURSE (shyly admitted the truth) I expect more from them. BUT they forgot, or I thought they forgot. Haha. Especially AIDA. First because she's my room mate. Second, I still remember clearly when she said she often remember people's birthdays and when she didn't wish me that night, I felt quite disappointed.

Turned up, they didn't. They pretended as if they were just so they could throw a simple birthday party for me that night. Aren't they sweeeeeeeeeeeetttt?

I still remember the moment I dug in my locker to find money to pay the money I borrowed from Aida when all the four of them entered the room and sang the Happy Birthday song and gave me a pink card with their wishes written and a chocolate cake with 3 candles and marshmallows on top of it. I was startled, not knowing how to react, and what to say. 

Thanks Aida, Zati, Pah & Nawnaw for this one precious memory. You guys are da'bomb. I'll remember this forever!

"I learn to appreciate people in my life better."

I really do.

Lots of Love, Nurzafira Sabrina.

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